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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Panty Shopping - Round Two

My last post was an account of my failed attempt to find ruffle panties at Macy's. While mildly disappointed for the rest of the evening that I did not find what I was looking for (if I had a nickel for every time that I grumbled when my Wife couldn't find what she was looking for...odd that the stiletto is on the other foot), I starting thinking of other stores that I could shop to find what I wanted.  There was Frederick's, Victoria's Secret, Nordstroms...while each of these *might* have them, I didn't have the patience for an extended shopping odyssey. I had seen a pair, but I was struggling to recall exactly were.  Then it hit me: the shop that had the plugs and other toys.

The next evening, I had to go through the neighborhood that had "that store." I still get squeamish going into sex shops but each time reduces the anxiety. I guess the old adage is somewhat true: "It is only kinky the first time." I pulled into the parking lot and parked the car. With slightly less bounce in my step than the night before, I almost slinked into the store. Before I left to go to the store, I thought to myself, I might as well get an Aneros MGX while I am there. With that thought in mind, I wondered if I would feel more awkward carrying the Aneros while looking for panties or carrying panties while looking for the Aneros - they were at opposite ends of this store.

I decided to browse the panties first - they were closest to the door - to cut down the time I had anything in my hand. I strolled into the lingerie and club attire section of the store and began casually browsing. Nothing. Seriously? I can't even find panties with ruffles here? As I started to leave the section that had the panties, I saw them. The store gave the ruffle panties their own display. They had red, white, white with pink, black and a very feminine teal with polka dots. I touched them, my fingers lingering on them much the way a wine connoisseur would savor a find wine in the mouth. I began checking sizes. Seriously? Again? Nothing in a size 8 or 9 and no extra large sizes. If anyone reading this owns a shop that carries these things, for the love of God, stock things in the larger sizes too.

I decided not to stress about the size issue and to go find the Aneros. I strolled through the toy sections and saw some things that would make sailors blush and others that I had *no* idea how to use. But, alas, after browsing for about 10 minutes, I came to the sad realization that there was not going to be an Aneros in my immediate future, at least not that night.

I returned to the panties by way of the costumes. Maybe they would have a full french maid costume complete with extra large panties - a "man" can hope, right? Not finding any, I went back to the ruffles display and tried to decide among all of the colors.

Red seemed way too trashy for my personality - at least on that evening. Black - with stiff black ruffles - looked elegant and somewhat understated. Lace adorned the leg openings and there were several layers of lace on the back. The black panties seemed to be calling to me.

Oh, but the teal...the teal were so flirty and feminine. The teal had less teal than white and other colors - but I called them teal because the waistband was solid teal. The teal had ruffles all the way around. They had polka dots. The teal panties were low cut and seemed to be a bit skimpy in the gusset region, which can cause issues when worn by someone like me. Nevertheless, the teal also seemed to be calling to me. Which should I get, black, teal, black, teal...

I decided to get both. I am now the proud owner of not just one pair of ruffle panties, but two pair of ruffle panties. Thanks to a newly-found friend from Twitter, I decided to wear the black ones to the office yesterday.

Following this shopping trip, a few things occurred to me that I thought I would share. First, I still haven't found the pair of ruffle panties of my dreams yet. I think they may be at Frederick's so I may have another shopping trip in my future. Second, and probably more insightful, panty shopping is markedly easier at a sex shop compared to a store like Macy's or even Victoria's Secret.  The most difficult shopping, however, was at Target or Walmart. Men just don't shop for lingerie for their wives at those stores. Maybe it is because my first experience shopping for panties for myself was at Target and then at Walmart, but those stores seem more humiliating than shopping at sex shops, fine department stores or lingerie specialty shops.  All of the humiliation stories and assignments on the web talking about shopping at Victoria's Secret should try the same things but at a Target or Walmart...


  1. Part of the humilitation at Victoria's Secret and upscale shops is having you get waited on by a salesgirl. Some Dommes will have you tell the salesperson that they are for you, or tell you that they have called ahead to tell the salesgirl that you are going in to shop.

    Frederick's tends to be more understanding, I think... a step toward sex shops, but not completely there. I have found that some shy/nervous boys prefer the anonymous aspects of shopping a Walmart & Target.

    FYI - try asking for rumba/rhumba panties. They are the ultra ruffled panties that used to only be available at western wear dance shops, but now they are really popular... and ever so sissy.

    M. Magick

  2. FYI - you will have the same problem with sizing at Vitoria's Secret. Have you tried plus-sizes women's stores like Lane Bryant?

    M. Magick

  3. Mistress Magick - I took note of Lane Bryant while at the mall tonight. It is on my list to visit sometime soon. Thank you for the tip and the comment.

  4., sugar. Perfect for every sissy's needs.

    BTW...their large is VERY large. Even a medium practically falls off me, and i'm not petite.

  5. Ooh, I love ruffle panties! Love the teal ones!!
    Most recently, got pair at Norstroms!